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Kennedy Building Services • Laborers

Company: Kennedy Building Services

Jobs Available: Laborer

Details: Full-Time, Wages Based on Experience & Personality: $16.00 - $19.00 per hour

  • Perform Basic Electrical Work: Replace Switches, Outlets, GFCIs, Lights, Ceiling Fans, etc.

  • One Room Painting

  • One Room LVP Installation

  • Install Appliances: Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Exhaust Vents, etc.,

  • Perform HVAC Preventive Maintenance Service

  • Deliver Materials to Job Sites

  • Lawn care

  • Pressure Wash Houses

  • General Interior Home Repair

  • Install Vapor Barrier

  • Repair Pressure Treated Projects: Steps, Decks, Fences, etc.

  • Clean Gutters

How to Apply: Call 256-777-1967 or email

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