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Shop Technician - Renaissance Reclaimed

Renaissance Reclaimed is looking to hire a Shop Technician in Decatur.

Pay: $14 - $16/hr




  • The Shop Technician shall operate automated machinery and assist in general operating activities, while performing any testing, repair, and maintenance required for functionality of all shop machinery, tools, and equipment under direct supervision of the Shop Foreman.

  • Daily duties include the set-up, operation, programming, and tending of woodworking machines such as drill presses, lathes, shapers, routers, sanders, planers, nailing machines, and CNC equipment.

  • Inventory shall be fed through conveyors and other mechanisms into planing, shaping, boring, sanding, and CNC machines to produce desired components and finished workpieces.

  • Thorough examination of finished workpieces for smoothness, shape, angle, depth-of-cut, conformity to specifications, and verification of dimensions, both visually and through the use of personal tools (examination by touch/feel) and physical tools such as rulers, calipers, templates, or gauges, shall be required.

  • The Shop Technician shall start machines, adjust controls, and make trial cuts to ensure that machinery is operating properly, thereby ensuring conformance to specifications. This includes the inspection of pulleys, drive belts, guards, and fences to ensure machinery continues to operate safely.

  • Additional daily duties include cleaning and maintaining products, machines, and work areas, to include all shop areas, bathrooms, and employee workstations.

  • On a weekly to monthly basis, the Shop Technician shall remove and replace worn parts, bits, belts, sandpaper, and other shaping tools, along with installation and adjustment of blades, cutter heads, boring-bits, sanding belts, and other components necessary for machine maintenance and repair.

Interested parties should email their resume and cover letter to Heather Lever, Administrative Assistant, for further consideration. Her email is

Don't forget to mention that you're a NAHA grad!

Contact information:

Heather Lever, Administrative Assistant

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