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The Stonecutter's Guild, Inc. • Saw Operator (SO)

The Stonecutter's Guild, Inc. is looking for a Saw Operator.

Job Description:

The Saw Operator's duties start with operating and maintaining the Gantry Saw. The saw is a large piece of equipment but easily maintained when the maintenance schedule is followed. The saw is operated by a Touch Screen. Strict safety rules are to be followed for the safety of the operator, the unit, and the materials.

The SO will be giving detailed drawings (cut sheets) of a project that will be cut out of slab material. The loading of the materials on to the tables will be achieved by the use of an overhead crane and vacuum lift system. Using the cut sheets, the SO will then layout the slabs to be cut for best fit and best look results. Accuracy is of great importance in this position. The use of a tape measure is essential down to 1/16" and basic math to add and subtract measurements is required.

The SO will interact with the Design Staff is insure that the clients likes and dislikes of the material are noted and cut accordingly.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Operate and maintain the Saw Equipment

Operate the Overhead Crane and Vacuum lift

Use measurement tools to ensure accuracy Organize Slab materials

Required Skills / Abilities:

High School diploma or GED certificate

Saw and cutting experience preferred (but not required) Forklift / Crane experience preferred (but not required)

Tape Measure and Basic Math skills required

Ability to lift 50-70 lbs

Attention to Detail

Good communication skills

Send resume to Chuck Martin via email at

Stonecutter's Guild Saw Operator
Download PDF • 47KB

Don't forget to mention that you're a NAHA grad!

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